In this Jamplay review I would like to show why learning the guitar with Jamplay Is a much better than learning from YouTube videos!

There are thousands of videos online on how to play guitar – youtube being the most well known place to see them – but is it the best option for studying the guitar, even though it doesn’t cost anything?

Disadvantages of Youtube
The down side of these free videos is that lessons are often brief with no gradual levels of follow-on – that is, there is often no series of step by step lessons on how to improve your skills gradually. With youtube its often the case that you are jumping from an easy video to a hard video, with techniques that take months to learn and difficult to work out and sometimes understand!

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Advantages of Jamplay
With Jamplay the video quality and teaching is always high, with multiple angles and split screens for each hand, plus close ups – making it easier to see and learn.

There is also progress tracking that helps you keep track of how much you are improving.

There are daily Q&A sessions where you can get live one to one help from pro instructors too!

Here’s a sample of the classic rock series – if you like classic rock you’ll love this!


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Benefits of Jamplay membership Include…

  • Detail – being able to see each hand closely on split screens in HD videos
  • Structure – step by step lessens that gets harder gradually on a specially designed course
  • Progress Tracking – see the progress you make as you follow the expertly designed courses from hundreds of guitar teachers – in many different genres!
  • Daily Q&A sessions webcam to webcam – ask questions live!

Plus a lot more ….. you can see that Jamplay has the edge when it comes to online guitar lessons!


More Of The Features

Phase One
This is for the beginner and has a particularly easy to follow structure. If you don’t quite understand the way one teacher explains it, there are multiple teachers from which to choose – it’s like having several teachers at the same time – getting the best ideas and tips from each one!

Phase Three
Teaches hundreds of popular songs in every style with more added on a weekly basis.

Learn a style
The styles you can learn include – blues, fingerstyle, metal, rock, classical, country, jazz, Brazilian (hello Rio!) and acoustic rock to name just some of the guitar styles available!

Learn a particular skill
including, Lead techniques, speed skills, reading music, singing with guitar, bass guitar lessons too, improvisation, rhythm, ear training and home studio skills and engineering to name a few!

Learn a favorite song
With tabs and video for more songs than you can shake a stick at! Artists and bands include The Beatles, Nirvana, ZZ Top, Chet Atkins, Judas Priest, Metallica, Motorhead, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Santana, Elvis and Eric Clapton among many others!

Workshops and Q&A
There are also weekly workshops where you can interact with an instructor and daily Q&A where you can get live help from pro instructors with webcam to webcam capability – all free with Jamplay membership.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, how much experience you have, or what style of guitar you like to play,
Jamplay is the answer to all your guitar needs – and is the best and fastest route to improving your guitar skills – starting right now!


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