Learn Cannonball Rag

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At the end of the three bars of Dsus, D and Dadd2 a short riff is included using hammer-ons (HO). An important point about hammer ons is that the closer your left hand finger is to the string when you start the hammer on, the less sound you will get. Use distance like a golfer’s back swing to hit the string harder.

This pattern is the same as the first one we learnt except it omits the second note.A change of just one note adds a new dimension & variety to the rhythm.


Fingerpicking guitar is a term that also includes fingerstyle guitar – both terms are interchangeable.

A Major advantage of fingerpicking is that bass notes, chords and even melody can be performed at the same time.

The thumb and each finger used, are an independent means of playing bass, arpeggio chords and top line.

A few Lessons
Many guitarists learn to play without taking private lessons, but a few tips on how to position the plucking hand for best results can save the beginner a lot of issues later on with technique.

Some folk guitar players will use nails but many like to use a thumb and fingerpicks. This way there is no worry about breaking a finger nail just before a concert!

Plectrum and Fingers Hybrid Style – Get Picks Here


Plectrum and Fingers
A hybrid method of using a flat pick and middle and ring finger is popular with guitarists who play contemporary folk styles. This has the advantage of both sing lines played with the plectrum combined with arpeggio patterns of the fingerpicking style.


Fender T-Bucket GuitarAnother great Fender T-Bucket electro acoustic guitar in Amber finish.

With a sound that is as good as its looks this is a great guitar for fingerstyle techniques in all styles of music except classical of course!

Acoustic Guitar Notes of Interest.
Guild Guitars Inc. started their company in 1952 and introduced several acoustic models that became very popular. In 1968 Guild introduced the Dreadnought D-55 which became its flagship model as well as the 12 string jumbo and small bodied acoustic guitars.  The Guild sound is strong, well balanced and crystal-clear and along with Martin and Gibson, produce some of the best acoustic guitars available.


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