Acoustic fingerstyle guitar is a demanding style of guitar playing – especially for the right hand. Get your fingerpicking hand up to scratch and playing becomes easier!

Here’s a challenge for any would be fingerstyle guitarist.

Learn Fleetwood Mac – Landslide

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This video contains examples of previous patterns, chords and hammer-ons. So far we have used just three patterns and one chord. Just think what you could do with more patterns and more chords plus fills, riffs and bass progressions.

Alternating bass notes are a feature of this style and each chord hasits own bass note (or root) plus the alternating bass note which is usually a 5th away. For example, if C is the bass note of the C chord, then the alternate bass note will be G … a fifth degree away.

This video contains examples of previous patterns, chords and hammer-ons.

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar
This style of fingerstyle is definitely acoustic based as its name suggests.

Many of the founders of the blues guitar played the acoustic guitar using their fingers rather than a plectrum.

Today, acoustic fingerstyle is mainly associated with folk and country music.

Makers of the acoustic guitar
Some of the great makers of the acoustic guitar include Martin and Gibson – also, Guild and Fender are well known for producing top quality instruments.

Getting started
Most beginners start their learning experience of guitar playing with the acoustic guitar.

A few chords and a strumming rhythm will get a beginner off to a good start. You only need three chords to play hundreds of song in any style you choose.

Of course the more advanced learner will develop a good fingerstyle technique and the ability to play half a dozen different patterns that will cover most styles and rhythms.

Players of the acoustic guitar
The acoustic guitar is often used in popular contemporary music using a hybrid fingerstyle technique of the flat pick with the middle and ring fingers. Eric Clapton in his “unplugged” songs uses this method of picking.

Musicians who are well known for using the acoustic guitar include: Robert Johnson, Elvis, John Denver, Paul Simon and more recently Ed Sheeran.