Windy and Warm by Chet Atkins

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Below you’ll find examples of acoustic fingerstyle patterns based on the chord of D.

This will give a good introduction, for those beginning folk guitar, of what can be achieved with just one chord. When more chords are used and extras are added, such as fills and bass lines, the patterns can become quite complex but more interesting to play and listen to.

Although the examples below may seem rather simple, when played at full speed and with extras, can sound very impressive but it’s best to learn to play the examples slowly first!



By adding a second bass note (alternate bass on the A string), the pattern will sound more interesting.The alternating bass with the thumb is a main feature of this fingerstyle..



Playing fingerstyle guitar involves the fingertips plucking the strings rather than a plectrum. This can be done with either the fingernails or picks that fit on the end of the fingers. Strumming is usually done with a flat pick but the fingerstyle method, especially in the style of folk guitar playing uses arpeggio patterns, similar to a banjo.

Styles of music that use fingerstyle or fingerpicking include folk music, blues, country as well as classical guitar – and if you lose your pick – every other style too!

Three Great Electro-Acoustic Guitars…

Epiphone Electro-Acoustic Guitars
The Epiphone EJ200, The Dove And The Hummingbird.


Jazz guitarists often use a fingerstyle technique especially when playing solo arrangements with melody and harmony together. In the folk tradition fingerstyle is mainly used as a vocal accompaniment playing an arpeggio style.

Fingerstyle not only uses chords and arpeggios but also uses a bass line, often played with the thumb that gives a greater degree of harmonic range.

It is less common for fingerstyle to be used on the electric guitar, however, Chet Atkins was an outstanding example of a fingerpicking electric country guitarist.

Sometimes music genres are combined to create styles such as country/folk or country/rock – styles that can use both fingerstyle and flat picking techniques.


The Fender T-Bucket Electro Acoustic

Check out the prices on this Fender T-Bucket 300 CE electro acoustic guitar.
It is a single-cutaway dreadnought shape with a laminated maple top and laminated mahogany back and sides.
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Acoustic Guitar Notes of Interest.
The Dreadnaught Shape Guitar was designed to produce a greater volume and louder bass by its size and was intended to make the guitar more useful as an accompaniment instrument for singers working with the limited sound equipment of the day – 1916.

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